Want to learn poker and improve your game?

Have you watched it on TV and heard them say that the odds were great and wondered how they knew that? Well then, this app is for you! Learn and practice how to use odds to make the right choices.


You’ve seen many apps out there that calculate odds for you.

Poker Professor covers an area that is missing, which is teaching you how to actually understand outs, odds and apply them to your game.

In life, they say “Knowledge is Power!”

In a real game, you can’t pull out a calculator to help you make your choice. It is up to you, and only you, on what move you should make.


This is where Poker Professor comes in.

Created by a Columbia University Biostatistics PhD, this app shows you how to apply poker statistics and put the odds in your favor to take your game to another level. Geared towards Texas No Limit Hold’Em but applicable to other poker games as well, Poker Professor takes you through how to calculate probabilities and odds in relation to your cards and those on the board. Learn how to understand outs, odds and implied odds and the strategies behind using them to your advantage.


This Poker Professor app provides essential reference tables for poker players on the odds and probabilities to improve your hand after the flop and after the turn.

Various detailed interactive examples let you build your skills. Based on your hand and the cards on the board, do you know how many outs you have? Do you know whether it is best to call, raise or fold? This app will help you learn these important poker skills.


You’ll understand how to use odds to let you know when make important decisions. Know when to fold, when to call and importantly when to raise.

The Poker Professor app serves as an essential education and reference app for players of all levels. So whether you are getting ready for a game with friends or your next World Series of Poker match, start sharpening your skills with Poker Professor today!