5 Poker Apps Guaranteed To Improve Your Game

There are thousands of iOS and Android poker apps on the market that claim to improve your game, but do you have the time to try them all to see which ones are the best? Well, now you don’t have to because we’ve done the hard work and picked out the top 5 must have apps that will drastically help your game and make you a better player at Texas Hold’em. Check out these 5 great apps!


1. PokerCruncher


PokerCruncher is a powerful calculator tool used to calculate Texas Hold’em odds. PokerSoftware.com has called this a “must-have application” for serious poker players and beginners who have trouble determining their odds. With this powerful app, you can take your game to the next level and play on an even surface against seasoned players. PokerCruncher features a clean interface and support for random hands, hand ranges, the ability to input cards for multiple players, and even incomplete hands. With this app, you will instantly see improvements in your game.

2. Poker Professor


No other app can help beginners and pros learn more about poker and improve their overall game than Poker Professor. This app is designed to teach players of all levels who need a refresher on the skills needed to help them do one thing really well: win money off their opponents!

This app will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about odds, pot odds, outs, and other probabilities related to the game that will give them a definitive advantage over their opponents. Poker Professor puts you in situations that will allow you to learn and practice lessons so that you can apply them in games. In real life, sometimes you can’t pull out a calculator to figure out the odds, with this app you won’t need to, because you’ll be able to do all the calculations in your head and clean out the table! Get the app on iTunes or Google play.


3. Insta Poker Coach


The Insta Poker Coach is a great app that’s not only free to download but offers no-limit Hold’em strategies and tactics taught to you by poker pros like Antonio Esfandiari (poker’s all-time leading money winner), Huck Seed, Matt Berkey, and poker strategist Jonathan Little. Each move you make gives you instant feedback from your coaches and evaluates your decisions even if you don’t win the hand! Get deep insight into your game with Insta Poker Coach!

4. Poker MultiGym


Poker MultiGym is a training app that breaks poker down into easy to understand segments that anyone can learn. It’s just like going to the gym and working out each muscle part to improve your overall physique! The Poker MultiGym app lets you focus on one skill at a time. With this method, pretty soon you’ll be able to start playing hands at the most difficult setting as you master the basic concepts and face challenging opponents that try to bluff and slow play their hands.


5. Poker Profit Tracker


Keeping track of your cards is one thing, but keeping track of your winnings from game to game across different formats can be daunting. Make your bankroll management a breeze with the Poker Profit Tracker app that lets you track both cash and tournament poker games across a variety of game types including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Horse, and many others. This app will let you know which games are the most profitable for you, allow you to track bankroll income, poker profit per hour, sessions times, monthly poker income, and your most profitable locations. With this handy app, you can focus on winning your hands and worry less about busting as you follow your cash flow in real-time.