After The Turn Example

The example asks you to choose the number of outs.

The answer for your hand would be 9 outs. They are the nine hearts that would complete your flush (the 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, J, K and A of hearts).



The next part of the example asks you whether you should fold, call or raise.

To answer this you would look at the handy reference table in the app.

With 9 outs after the turn, the odds against you making your hand are 4.1 to 1. With the pot of $30 and your required bet of $6 to call, the pot is offering $30:$6 or 5.0 to 1 odds. The pot odds (5.0 to 1) being greater than the odds against making your hand (4.1 to 1), it is worthwhile to call the bet.