Learn Poker App

Become a Poker Ace

Learn to master the art of poker with the Poker Professor app and become a poker ace. Unlike other apps, this learn poker app, teaches you to understand outs, odds and apply them in practice in your game.

Whether you are new to the game or a poker veteran, this app will help you to improve your game action and poker experience. Understanding the keys to calculate odds with this learn poker app will let you make better choices and play your hand with confidence!

Learn Poker Statistics & Strategy

The Poker Professor, learn poker app is based on poker statistics and teaches you how to apply them in a poker game. Knowing how to calculate probabilities and odds in relation to your hand and other cards on the table will give you an edge over other players and raise your game strategies.

Using reference tables, this learn poker app will help you to understand odds and probabilities to improve your hand during the game play. Poker professor allows you to interact with descriptive visual examples on the screen of your iPhone or Android device and build poker skills.

High Roller Poker Skills

Learn how to use odds, when to fold, when to call and when to raise. This learn poker app equips you with the knowledge of important poker skills that will raise you from poker rookie to high roller status! Try out Poker Professor today and start impressing your friends and make your way to winning Poker Tournaments. We don’t bluff about the advantages you gain from  this essential education and reference app for poker players!