The 10 Most Insane Poker Hands

#10. Just A Crazy Poker Hand

Talk about a cold deck! Three players have been dealt pocket pairs, Marek with KK, Noah with KK, and Jethro with AA. Marek and Noah are all-in and almost drawing dead against pocket Aces. All three stick around for the flop: 4-3-8. The turn and river are J and 5, and Jethro easily wins with pocket aces!

#9. Phil Ivey Folds The Winning Hand

Phil Ivey is one of the greatest poker players of all time, but even the best can make mistakes. Ivery raises pre-flop with pocket 8’s, spades and diamonds. His opponent, Jordan Smith re-raises with A-9 off-suit. Ivey calls. The flop is Q and 10-5 spades. The turn is a Q of spades. Both check and the river is an A of spades. Smith checks and so does Ivey. Smith shows his pair of Aces and Ivey immediately mucks his winning hand despite making the flush! He didn’t even look at his hole cards before folding. All he had to do was show the dealer his hand and he would have won the pot!

#8. A One-Outer On The River

Jennifer Harman raises pre-flop holding pocket Q’s, diamonds and spades. Corey Zeidman has 9-8 diamonds. The flop comes Q of hearts, J of diamonds, and 10 of spades. Harman has a set and Zeidman has a straight. Harman bets and Zeidman re-raises. The turn is a 10 of diamonds. Harman has a full house and the only way Zeidman can win now is with a 7 of diamonds for a straight flush. Zeidman bets and gets raised by Harman. Zeidman reluctantly calls and on the river is the 7 of diamonds!

#7. Quads vs Straight vs Flush.

In his crazy hand, Tim Flanders has 5-4, Achilleas Kallakis has 9-5 spades, and Donnacha O’Dea has 3-3.  The flop comes 6-7-3 spades. Flanders has a straight, Kallakis has a flush, and O’Dea makes his set! The turn comes up with a K and the river card is a 3. O’Dea now has quads! Kallakis stubbornly folds, and Kallakis’ straight loses to O’Dea’s quads.

#6. One Of The Worst Plays In The History Of Poker

We’re at the 2009 WSOP and the tournament is down to 12 players. The two big chip stacks, Billy Kopp with $20 million and Darvin Moon with $25 million, are almost assured of getting to the final table–as long as they don’t lose all their chips!  Kopp is on the button with 5-3 diamonds, Moon calls from the small blind with Q-J diamonds. The flop is K-9-2 diamonds with both players hitting their flush. Moon checks and Kopp bets half the pot, Moon calls. A 2 comes on the turn. Kopp bets and Moon check raises. Kopp decides to go all-in! Moon calls and Kopp is knocked out of the tournament! Despite finishing in 12th place, he wins almost $900,000.

#5. Bluff vs Bluff

Heads up is always intimidating, especially when you’re up against Phil Ivey! That’s what Paul Jackson had to do when he and Ivey were the last two at the table with $1 million at stake. Jackson has a 6-5 offsuit and Ivey has Q-8 suited. When the flop comes J-J-7, Ivey bets out with his Q high. Jackson raises with a pure bluff. Ivey takes his time before re-raising Jackson. Phil has nothing but he decides to re-re-raise Ivey!! Ivey moves all in and Jackson folds.

#4. Negreanu vs Hansen $575,000 For One Hand In Real Cash

In High Stakes Poker, players brings hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own cash to play no limit poker with some of the best players on the planet. In this memorable hand, Hansen has pocket 5’s and Negreanu has pocket 6’s. The flop comes 9-6-5, allowing both players to hit their sets! Negreanu bets $8,000 and Hansen raises $26,000. Negreanu calls and another 5 comes on the turn, giving Hansen quads! He bets $24,000. Negreanu calls with a full house. An 8 comes up on the river and Negreanu bets $65,000. Hansen moves all-in and Negreanu calls. When the dust settles, Negreanu loses almost $300,000 of his own money in one hand!

#3. Phil Hellmuth Implodes

Late at the featured table of the 2008 WSOP main event, Cristian Dragomir raises pre-flop with 10-4 suited, a hand he had been playing with success all day. Phil Hellmuth has A-K and re-raises. Drogomir calls and the flop comes 10 high. Phil checks and folds when Dragomir bets $300,000. Hellmuth thinks Dragomir has A-Q but when Dragomir shows his 10-4, Hellmuth loses his cool. He throws a tantrum and calls repeatedly calls Dragomir an “idiot!” This is one of the Poker Brat’s best implosions.

#2. One Of The Greatest Bluffs Of All-Time

We’re heads with Ryan Daut and Isaac Haxton in a World Poker Tour event. With a 2-1 chip lead, Daut has a 7-5 offsuit and calls. Haxton is in the big blind and checks with 3-2. The flop is A-Q-4, giving Haxton a possible straight. He checks. Ryan bets and Haxton calls. The turn is a K. Both check and a Q shows up on the river. Isaac bluffs big with a $700,000 bet into the $1 million pot. Daut re-raises it to $2 million with just a 7 high! Haxton has the two worst possible cards he can hold in his hand and he looks sick as he thinks about his next move. Unbelievably he moves all-in with his 3-2!! Daut instantly folds and gives up the pot in one of the greatest bluffs you’ll ever see!

#1. The Hand That Changed Poker

Nowadays, poker is all over TV, but little more than a decade ago, poker still hadn’t gone mainstream. That all changed when Chris Moneymaker, a total unknown, won the 2003 World Series of Poker. Unable to afford the $10,000 buy-in, Moneymaker won his entry to the prestigious tournament through a smaller satellite tournament on PokerStars for $40. His WSOP journey was covered on ESPN and captivated millions of people who got to watch him beat the best poker players in the world at their own game. His eventual win gave hope to anyone watching that they too could win against professional players. Want proof that the popularity of poker skyrocketed after the tournament? Over the next two years, the grand prize at the WSOP increased from $2.5 million in 2003 to $5.0 and $7.5 million, and weekly poker tournaments began to get constant coverage across major television stations around the world.

In this final hand of the 2003 WSOP, Moneymaker makes a full house to defeat top pro Sam Farha and capture the multi-million dollar grand prize and a gold bracelet.