Top 20 Hottest Women in Poker

There’s just something about seeing a tough, beautiful women working in typically male-dominated industries like construction and holding their own against the boys that’s just awesome! And poker is no exception!

When we picture poker players in our mind, we conjure up images of unkempt males with Barney Gumble physiques. To change people’s perceptions about the game, we present to you the 20 sexiest women in poker based on a complex equation that factors in their attractiveness and their poker success…but mostly their looks!

If you’re lucky enough to be at a tournament with any of these women, you can be sure to feel the heat coming across the table. Enjoy the list!

Shana Hiatt


Model, presenter, and former Miss Hawaiian Tropic, the lovely Shana Hiatt kept avid poker fans and casual observers up late while doing presenting duties on NBC’s popular Poker After Dark series. Although Shana hasn’t really played all that much in tournaments, her association with the game and her legions of fans proves this list just wouldn’t be complete without her name on it.

Tatjana Pasalic


This Croatian brunette beauty has competed in multiple World Series of Poker Main Events, but her career highlight has to be at her second WSOP ME where she created a sensation by wearing a sexy catsuit because she lost a wager to her boyfriend.

Fatima Moreira de Melo


Fatima Moreira de Melo has won something few, if any, professional poker players can ever dream of–an Olympic gold medal! Fatima has played in 191 field hockey matches for the Dutch national team and along the way she’s also added silver and bronze medals to complete her Olympic collection. Off the grassy hockey fields, she plays on Team Pokerstars under the name FatimaDeMelo. One of her biggest wins came in 2008 where she took home $48,772 at Master Classics of Poker.

Erica Schoenberg


Erica’s a former model, personal trainer, and pro volleyball player, so you know she’s in great shape, but did you also know she got her start by beating the boys in games of strip poker? With career winnings of nearly $900,0000, she’s proven she more than belongs playing with the boys.

Szilvia Freire


This exotic half Portuguese, half Hungarian stunner is a former beauty queen who won the Miss World Hungary crown and competed in a WSOP appearance.

Kara Scott


Born in the cold north of Alberta, Canada, (think Wolverine!) Kara Scott is a tough hombre that trains in Muay Thai and kicks her opponents butts at the poker table too. Well known to most fans as a TV host for poker programs, Kara is also a great player with winnings of over $550,000, including a second place finish at the Irish Open poker tournament.

Erin Ness


Ok, so Erin hasn’t won nearly as much as some of the other women on this list (she has just $20,000 in live tournament winnings), but take one look at those beautiful brown eyes and tell us how we can leave her off this list.

Trishelle Cannatella


This busty all-American gal has appeared in a number of reality TV show from The Real World to Fear Factor. At the poker table, she hasn’t done too bad either, winning $20,000 at the 2010 WPT Invitational Tournament.

Shannon Elizabeth


Who can forget Shannon Elizabeth in American Pie? Even if you’ve never seen the movie you might be familiar with her as a late 90′s sex symbol for all teenage boys across the world. One of the best celebrity poker players around, she’s cashed in 4 times at the WSOP and won $55,000 at Caesar’s Palace playing against other celebrities and seasoned pros.

Chantel McNulty


Chantel is a poker hotty who’s shown a ton of devotion to the game. How else do you explain her skipping school and purchasing a fake ID, while she was underage, just to play in Las Vegas poker tournaments?

Liv Boeree


Gorgeous and deadly at the poker table, this lovely lass hails from the UK and when she’s not adding to her astounding career winnings of $2.05 million, Liv moonlights as a British model and TV presenter. Did we mention she’s also smart? Because she has a degree from the University of Manchester in Astrophysics. Yikes!

Kimberly Lansing


Kimberly Lansing is the long-time hostess and TV anchor on the World Poker Tour. She looked so good, the WPT created a position specifically just for her on the program…what a great idea by the producers!

Clonie Gowen


Born Cycalone Gowen, “Clonie” won Miss Teen McAlester growing up in Oklahoma and learned poker from her boyfriend’s father. Thanks to that bit of advice, she’s gone on to win more than $1.6 million in tournaments.

Beth Shak


With a lovely smile and tremendous sense of fashion, Beth has a shoe collection estimated to be worth $1 million dollars. You too can buy that many shoes when you’re a successful entrepreneur and a darn good poker poker with $500,000 in career winnings.

Christina Lindley


A tall blonde stunner with an amazing fit body, Christina is also a world-renowned poker player and fitness model with career winnings that exceed $1,000,000. One look at her body and her prize money and you can tell she has no problems obliterating opponents in poker tournaments or at the gym.

Jennifer Tilly


There’s only one way to describe Tilly’s attire at the poker table: DISTRACTING. So far it’s working because she’s won nearly $600,000 playing poker.

Joanna Krupa


This stunning Polish American model and actress has appeared on the covers of FHM, Playboy, Stuff, Maxium, and Envy. We’re not actually sure if she’s won any money playing Texas Hold’em, but we found a bunch of pictures of her sitting at a poker table. We figure that’s enough to land on this list.

Lacey Jones


Lacey turned down offers to model in Asia when she was just 16. In college, she started playing poker with the guys to make some extra money. Something tells me the guys didn’t mind losing to her.

Sara Jean Underwood


Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood is not only the 2007 Playmate of the year, she’s also the spokeswoman for and melts poker tables wherever she goes.

Tiffany Michelle


This dark beauty burst onto scene and won over $330,000 at the 2008 WSOP. When she’s not cleaning out other players’ pockets, she acts, plays music, and stars in reality TV shows.