Top 3 Android Poker Apps

#1. Live Holdem Poker Pro

Live Holdem Poker Pro is popular Android poker game that has been downloaded tens of millions of times since it came out. This is a fun and addictive game that lets you pit your poker skills against others from around the world in real time. Registration is quick and simply, and can be completed using Facebook or an email account. We love that the game starts you out with a whopping $500,000 in free chips. That’s several times more than most other free poker apps, and is sure to let you keep playing for a long time before having to make any in-app purchases.

Other facets we like about the game are the fast tables, customizable avatars, and different poker tournament modes like shootout poker and sit-n-go, as well as poker ring games and lottery draws. The game has some nice bonuses as well, including free daily gold and the ability to collect virtual in game goods. We had lots of fun playing this game, however the notifications can get annoying at times and the gameplay seems to be more orientated towards action rather than realism. There were a few disconnections problems and some crashes but they were so few and far between that we keep coming back to play this amazing poker game for Android.

#2. PokerStars Lite – Free Poker

We had such a great time playing poker on PokerStars Lite that we recommended this Android app to everyone around the office. PokerStars advertises itself as the world’s largest poker site and this app lets you play amongst the largest poker player base in the world for free! At any time of the day, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of players around the world ready to take you on at any time. PokerStars has some of the best customer service you’ll find for a free Android poker app. Not only does the game come with a built-in contact support form, their support staff are available to help you 24/7 to fix all your in-game problems.

We had lots of fun playing PokerStars’ zoom poker, which is a high speed version of poker that gets rid of the waiting during each hand. The table chat was quick and responsive and the lobby filters allow you to pick your favorite types of poker games, along with limits and table sizes very rapidly. Aside from Texas Holdem, we love to play Omaha and 7 Stud, not to mention hi lo and horse. The selection of games is great, but improvements could be made in the lobby when it comes to searching for specifics games (such as cost and type). A simple descending/ascending function would greatly allow you to find the game you’re looking for.

#3. Dragonplay Poker Texas Hold’em

Dragonplay Poker Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular and exciting poker games we have on our Android phone. Beginners, intermediate players, and pros all love the app because its free and its one of the few apps that give you 500,000 in free gold every day you play. The personal inbox and ring games are a nice touch, as are the fast tables for those who don’t like to wait and the VIP tables in the exclusive Platinum Zone.

Everyone we’ve asked loves this game, it’s hard to put down and times flies when you’re winning hand after hand. There are some minor quibbles we have with the Dragonplay, these include the pop ups and push notifications that show up every time you start the game. We wish there were a way to disable it, but it’s the price you pay for a great poker game that’s free. Compared to many of the other games we’ve played, we found Dragonplay Poker Texas Hold’em to be very realistic, easy to play, and intuitive to navigate around. The game doesn’t force you to make a lot of in-app purchases since you start out with a lot of money and your gold gets replenished every day. This Android poker game is highly recommended, download the game to see what we mean!