Top 3 iPad Poker Apps

#1. TX Poker – Best New Free Texas Holdem Poker Game

FishSticks Games has created an undeniable winner with a fun and free iPad app called TX Poker. The game offers numerous Texas Hold’em tables to choose from with thousands of users from around the world to compete against. With so many opponents, TX Poker lets you build upon your skills as you hone your abilities after each hand. TX Poker features sit-n-go tournaments, a daily leaderboard for those who want bragging rights, and daily super prizes such as discount chips, and daily bonuses. TX Poker lets you earn $50,000 for free with an initial bankroll that’s big enough to let you go all the way to the big table. We found the interface for the game intuitive and easy to navigate, and we also love that there’s a Facebook version of the game we can play with our buddies on the social network.

One of the things we didn’t like about the game was the amount of high cards that were dealt and the crazy hands we saw on the river…flush vs higher flush, now how often do you see that? Aside from that, we found the game to be fun and fast with winning hands leaning towards not just pairs, but full houses, straights, and sometimes 3 of a kind. We like the excitement these cards give you and enjoy the fun distraction that TX poker always brings!

#2. Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe

Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe by is a great app for iPad that gives you $30,000 worth of chips from the moment you start playing. That’s more than most other apps and it’s one of the reasons why it’s one of the top rated free poker apps on Facebook and one of the fastest growing poker apps at the iTunes store. With more than 8 million players to compete against on Facebook, iPad, and iPhone, you’ll never run out of challenges playing exciting Las Vegas style poker against the best from around the world.

We really like Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe because of the free daily gifts, chip bonuses, and the choice of tournaments, shootouts, as well as 1-click access to 5 and 9 person poker tables. The game’s interface is a plus with great graphics and a luxurious casino feel that makes you feel like you’re playing in an upscale establishment. The app lets you fully customize your profile with animated emoticons and even gifts, drinks, and snacks you can purchase and share with others. We also like the little prizes you can unlock in the game and the challenge of playing against other players online. In fact, a downside of the game is that the players are so good you might be dealt a good whooping or two from time to time! Nonetheless, this is a superb poker app for your iPad.

#3. Fresh Deck Poker – Live Texas Hold’em Poker

We love playing Fresh Deck Poker on our iPads! The game really does do a great job of emulating the realistic experience of putting you tableside at a fancy casino in Las Vegas. Unlike the other apps here, Fresh Deck Poker is the only truly cross platform poker game that lets you play on your iPad and seamlessly continue hands on iPhone, Android, or any mobile device. The ultra realistic experience is further highlighted by the random number generator in the game–the same one that’s used in a real money casinos in Sin City!

Some of the features of this great iPad poker game we love include a version of Royal Hold’em that contains a 20 card deck, nearly unlimited choice of customizable avatars, Turbo speed games for those that don’t like to sit around and wait, and a buddy list so you can play with your friends and keep track of those players you always seem to own. We love this game so much we share it with all our friends on Facebook so we can play with them! We only wish the chatting within the game could be improved, currently it’s a little slow, but the poker experience is nearly perfect! This is a great game if you’re looking for a fun poker app for your iPad.