Top 3 iPhone Poker Apps

#1. Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker by GeaxGame Inc. is bar-none, one of most popular poker games on the iPhone with nearly 30,000 ratings on iTunes and earning 5/5 stars from reviewers. If you love playing poker with real users online then this is the best poker iPhone app to get. Texas Holdem Poker offers players different tables suited for a variety of skills from beginners to pros and lets you access features missing from other popular iPhone poker games such as a sit-n-go tournament mode, free daily gold, lottery draws, ring games, and virtual goods you can send to players as gifts. One of the things we love about playing Texas Holdem Poker on iPhone is the quick and convenient user registration that’s available via Facebook. We can log in through Facebook and start playing in a matter of seconds.

As great as the iPhone app is, it could be geared towards a more realistic poker experience. An example we saw was the occasional blind skipping that inevitably occurs. One problem that can irk some players is that the chips in the game can be hard to come by. If you ever run out you have to buy more chips through in-game purchases because the game only gives you a limited amount every day to replenish your losses. Of course, we wouldn’t be complaining about the lack of chips unless the game was really good, and it is! It’s more than worth it to buy the occasional stack in order to keep playing this addictive poker app!

#2. World Series of Poker – WSOP

World Series of Poker – WSOP by Playtika Ltd. is another fantastic poker app for iPhone. One of the fastest growing free iPhone poker apps on the planet,  WSOP allows you to experience WSOP features that only professionals players get to enjoy! In additional to regular Texas hold’em, players can also try their hands at games of Omaha, mini slots, and high stakes buy-in tournaments. With this app, players will get all their stats tracked so they can get valuable knowledge of how they’re actually playing. Players can easily sign in through Facebook just like with the Texas Holdem app, except WSOP rewards players with $15,000 additional chips when they do it.

We really like some of the features of the WSOP app for iPhone, such as the ability to invite your friends to any game through any mobile device at any time of the day and the continuous play mode that lets you play across all your devices without missing a hand. We even like the anonymity of the guest mode and mute buttons to silence those  other annoying players at the table. This app is worth getting alone for the chance to accumulate silver and gold tickets to get a chance to sit at a real WSOP tournament! The chances of winning may be slim, but who wouldn’t be chomping at the bit for a chance to win some REAL cold hard cash at a WSOP journey.

Another one of the cool things we love about the WSOP poker app for iPhone is ability to get free chips every 4 hours. That means less sitting around when you’re broke and less need for in-app purchases like the other poker apps. This a truly great game for the addicted poker fanatic!

#3. VIP Poker

TinyCo. Inc. introduced poker fans to a great poker app called VIP Poker when it came out with the iPhone game back in 2011. Still going strong after all these years, anyone with a network connection can enjoy VIP Poker with thousands of poker enthusiasts from around the world. Just like the Texas Holdem Poker and WSOP poker apps we’ve covered, VIP Poker offers free bonus daily chips and free live chat with other players in tables of 5 or 9. With VIP Poker you don’t even need an account to play, since you can just go right into the game and get dealt a hand! We love the ability to alter the pace of the game to suit our needs and the ability to earn extra bonus chips within the game.

When I played the game, the only downsides were the odd connections problems we experienced. I don’t know if this was the app or the location of our wi-fi but it did seem to improve over time. Some feature I think this game needs is an alert or vibration of some kind to let you know when the action if on you. One of the things that impressed us was the realism of the cards everyone was dealt. There’s little chance of players flopping multiple hands in a row or with someone constantly winning their hands on the river. Overall, we think the graphics could be better but if you’re looking for a realistic poker game that will turn you into a better poker player, we think this is the one!