World Series of Poker

Become a Poker Ace

Do you aspire to play in the World Series of Poker? All it takes is practice and having the right app to master the art of poker. You can get the Poker Professor app for the iPhone in the App Store or from iTunes and the Android app from Google Play. The key differentiator of this app is that it teaches you how to apply outs and odds in a poker game.

New or old, skilled or inexperienced, everyone can learn from this app. Once you understand how to calculate odds with this app, you will not hesitate to play every hand with a boost in confidence.

Learn Poker Statistics & Strategy

If you want to learn how to devise strategies like players in the World Series of Poker, look no further and download the Poker Professor app. This app makes use of poker statistics and help you learn how to calculate probabilities and odds based on cards in your hand as well as cards on the table.

Reference tables also provide you with a better idea of using odds and probabilities to your advantage and enhance game experience. You can learn poker skills with easy access to interactive descriptive visuals displayed on the screen of your iPhone or Android devices.

High Roller Poker Skills

Winning Poker Tournaments in the World Series of Poker is no longer an in-achievable dream as you can learn how to use odds, when to fold, when to call and when to raise with Poker Professor. You can quickly master the skills required to advance from a poker rookie to a high roller. Don’t lose out and make sure to try out Poker Professor today!